Blinky Bill’s Around the World Adventures: Episode 08: Monkey Business

You know, after watching this I’ve came up with a new game to play in fun centers
It’s called “Chimp Fight”, and it’s basically, where two teams (dark blue and tango orange) wear bullet proof suits (that can still be easy to move in) that look like Chimps, protective glasses, and helmets with big old monkey ears, and they get into a big arena that symbolizes a Monkey’s Natural Enviromnent which are:

-a Jungle
-an Aztec-esc Temple
-a Circus fair

the rules are is for your team to earn points by throwing real fruit at your opponents and targets specifically to the Chimp’s enemy’s (Such as Crocodiles and Tocans for the Jungle, Snakes and giant Spiders for the Aztec, and Lions and Ringmasters for the Circus), and there are tons of vines and swings so you can act like those nature’s clowns on TV, and the team with the most points wins!
what do you think (in honest opinion, not just for pity on me), would that be a good idea?

Art by BunnyBoyDL & DiaperArtist both on Deviantart

Why do these animated girls in diapers attract me the most?

Let me tell you something

I have been searching and searching and searching on the internet for this, but can never fins it, so I seriously ask you…

Does anyone on the internet know someone that or that yourself has all of the English episodes of Season 3 of Blinky Bill (aka: “Blinky Bill’s Around the World Adventures”)?


Goku discovers Krillin has a dark secret. 

Oh… my… GOD…

Hot Diggity Demon, the hit internet cartoonist, is… a… DIAPER LOVER… in other words, for all us AB/DLs, he’s one of us, baby!

This is truly… a proud moment for AB/DLs everywhere


(also, why is it called Diaperball Z, when it’s clearly a fan-animation of the original dragon ball series?)

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Hey, I was seeing “Scooby-Doo Wrestlemaina Mystery” one time & there was a sort of amusement park esc-city, dedicated to everything WWE, called WWE City 

& that got me THINKING, would it be a good idea for an actual WWE City to made?, it could have wrestlers exclusive to the city and have a wrestling training academy in the backlot to train college and older people to become wrestlers, it be up north like Kansas

 it would be kind of like a place dedicated to WWE, and it has an academy for future wrestlers for the WWE and wrestlers exclusive for WWE City and 3 nights a week (depending on the days), the WWE City wrestlers would wrestle in the WWE Central Arena for the citizens pleasure & for the grand prize for winning the WWE City championship belt and the prize of $20,000.00 for winning the yearly tournament

there will be all kinds of stores and restaurants, a big imax theater (and no they won’t just play WWE movies), a bowling alley with an arcade, a WWE themed mini-golf course, a park, and a public pool

just like any old city and there are even wrestling rings in the middle of the city’s streets (which everyone will walk through the streets in the city) and they’ll be special street show-esc wrestling matches in a league called "the WWE City Street League" where minor league wrestlers of WWE City would fight in the ring in a tournament for the crown that titles him/her "King/Queen of the Streets" and the cash prize of $5,000.00

every year for one week there’s a special celebration going on in the city called “WWE City’s Smackdown Days”, where for that said one week the major WWE Stars come to WWE City to get together, let fans meet their heroes, have a big parade to welcome the famous wrestlers, special sales on the BUSINESSES of WWE City (and by the way, we will also have Hotels in the city too, sorry, I forgot to mention them), have great fights featuring the WWE Stars on the 3 nights of the week like usual, and have a good old great time

also most of the time, they will have recordings of matches in WWE City, and post them each week on their YouTube channel, when they recorded enough matches of coarse

while there would be a special academy to train adults to be wrestlers for WWE City and in training for the actual WWE League, during the summer there will be a special two week summer camp that teaches older kids, teenagers, and young adults how to wrestle, including a special behind-the-scenes look in the backstage wrestler training facility of WWE City, training and lessons from wrestling experts, rewards known as badges that you can show to the people who work in some of WWE City’s businesses and you can get great deals on stuff in that business, and special training exhibition matches on the 3 nights of the first week & a special 8-man graduation tournament on the 3 nights of the second week, and they will be both held in the "WWE Central Arena" on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they will be 3 age classes (or scout rankings) for each age group: the Tiger Scouts for ages 8-12, the Shark scouts for ages 13-17, & the Bison Scouts for ages 18-22, the older the group the more advanced the wrestling, and each of the 3 nights would have a certain scout class representing that night, Bison on Friday, Shark on Saturday, & Tiger on Sunday, and they’re will be a special Graduation Mystery Grand Prize for winning the graduation tournament, they will also be special deals during the Summer Camp’s days for every citizen in the city

so all & all I can understand why it would be a bad idea, but all & all it’s just a place where WWE fans can love the greatness of the great wrestling association we know and love.

so what do you think, would that be a good idea?


I just turned it on to ABCKids and Blinky Bill is on and WHY THE FUCK IS BLINKY BILL IN AFRICA?!

Duh… because he’s on a quest around the world to bring tortured Circus Animals back to their rightful homes, while being chased by evil Circus people cleverly named the “Circus Brothers” who are trying to get their animals back from the Mischievous Koala and also get him to be part of their circus

was this one of the images you saw on your TV screen?:



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Nickelodeon crossed with Disney?

are you blowing my mind right now? 

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"Wanna give my punishment Circus Brothers?"
(I found this on 4chan, by the way)

"Wanna give my punishment Circus Brothers?"

(I found this on 4chan, by the way)

Zigs ABs Colored by Juspuh1

Isn’t it weird that Sarina’s a skunk, and she’s wearing a diaper, 

and I can totally see Zig-Zag doing that to her for her porno business, don’t you think?

Zigs ABs Colored by Juspuh1

Isn’t it weird that Sarina’s a skunk, and she’s wearing a diaper,

and I can totally see Zig-Zag doing that to her for her porno business, don’t you think?


Baa Baa Lou x3

aka:  Bobby Goat…


Baa Baa Lou x3

aka:  Bobby Goat…

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